An ice-cold bath is not something that everybody would desire after a workout. To some of us, the thought of taking an ice-cold bath may sound painful. However, many believe that taking an ice bath actually relieves you of the post-workout pains. Ice baths are nothing new and in fact, it is gaining popularity over time.

Ice Bath

An Ice bath is a form of cryotherapy where you sit in very cold water, up to your chest, for about ten to fifteen minutes. Freezing water temperatures are not necessary here to get the entire benefits but 5 to 10degrees works perfectly well. You might have seen in movies as well as in sports videos where sportsman dip themselves in a bathtub filled with ice water. It is better to stay prepared for an unpleasant extreme cold experience.

When you get in initially, it is always a bone-chilling experience but slowly it gets easier when you start breathing and relaxing after 5 to 10 minutes. Even the first 3 or 4 times may feel uncomfortable but with the passage of time, you will develop the tolerance to enjoy an ice-bath. For this reason, many sports clubs buy bulk from ice suppliers in Perth.

Benefits of Ice Baths

One of the main reasons athletes take ice baths is to reduce the inflammation, thereby ensure fast recovery by changing the course of blood flow through the body. It is a known fact that blood vessels constrict when we sit in cold water or rather in cold temperatures. However, when we get back to a warmer atmosphere they then dilate again.

Furthermore, ice also works perfectly for treating injuries because it decreases swelling, pain, muscle spasm and cramping. That is why many popular sports clubs buy ice pack in Perth to treat the athletes who get injured in a game.