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Dry Ice

We are the most centrally located dry ice supplier in Perth, being just off the freeway in Osborne park!

Dry ice is perfect for keeping products cold and dry without leaving any water residue. It’s also great for entertainment due to its awesome “smoke” effects. If stored correctly, dry ice can last up to 24 hours.

  • 24 hour notice required for dry ice
  • Material Safety Data Sheet supplied with each order
  • Free delivery on larger dry ice orders
  • Perfect for chilling products while keeping them dry
  • Can be used in catering and transportation
  • Great for use at sporting events, stage productions, parties, Halloween, science projects and more
  • DO NOT handle with bare hands and always use gloves and a towel

Did you know dry ice is actually just frozen carbon dioxide? As it breaks down, it changes states from a solid, directly into a vapor, instead of a liquid!

Contact us today to discuss large or special orders, we do require 24 hour notice for dry ice. Stop by our shop in Osborne Park for all you ice needs.

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