For over 200 years ice blocks have been a surefire way to enjoy a cool beverage. They do however have a number of other uses that are lost on many of us. Here are some fantastic alternative uses for ice blocks that you can adopt in your day-to-day life.


Perfect Your Look

Although it may be surprising at first, ice cubes can actually be a welcomed addition to your beauty routine. They can be used to reduce swelling and redness, particularly around your eyes. Ice cubes can also be an effective makeup remover as well as a pain reliever for sunburns and bruises.


Free Air Conditioning

Air conditioners can be a very expensive investment and are a luxury that many of us can’t afford. By placing a bowl of ice in front of a window or fan you can generate a cool breeze and create the illusion of an air-conditioned room.


Water Plants

This trick is particularly useful for West Australians whose plants suffer during the drought season. It is also a handy trick if you are going away or don’t have time to attend to your plants on a regular basis. By placing ice cubes directly on the soil, you can ensure that your plants will have a consistent stream of moisture throughout a warm summer’s day.


Flatten Carpets

Having dents in your living room or bedroom carpet can be extremely frustrating. You can remedy this situation by placing ice cubes next to the dents and leaving them to melt. Once melted you can then brush the water up and your carpet should look as good as new.


Remove Stains

Ice cubes can be a very effective tool to reduce the effect of stains particularly if you can get to them early. By simply rubbing an ice cube over the stain you will at the very least prevent any further damage.


Clean Vases

Trying to clean a vase that your hand can not fit into can be a very discouraging task. This can be easily avoided by simply putting some ice and ¼ cup of salt inside. If you then shake the vase vigorously you will remove all stains and dirt, leaving it sparkling clean. This trick also works very well with coffee pots.


Reheat Rice

The problem with reheating rice in the microwave is that it tends to dry out. Fortunately, this can be avoided by putting an ice cube on top of the bowl before reheating it. At first, it will melt and then it will steam the rice as it gets warmer. This same trick can also be used when reheating pasta.


Remove Gum

There is nothing worse than finding a piece of gum stuck to your clothes or your carpet. Fortunately, ice cubes can be a fantastic resource for removing gum from all kinds of surfaces. The ice cubes work by freezing the gum which in turn then allows you to chip away at it. If the gum is stuck to your carpet then you simply put the ice cube on top of it and let it sit for a while to freeze. When removing gum from clothing it is best to put the clothing in a sink and cover it with ice cubes; you will be able to chip away at the gum after a couple of hours.


Keep Your Pets Happy

During the summer months, your pet can get quite warm – especially in the West Australian sun. Not only do most pets love licking ice cubes, but by placing a few ice cubes in their water bowl you can quickly cool their body temperature down.


You would be forgiven for not realising that frozen water can actually be utilised for a number of purposes. At Eco Ice Australia we are WA’s finest and most environmentally friendly ice supplier. Get in touch with one of our dedicated professionals today to discuss any and all of your ice needs.