As Perth’s summer keeps hotting up this year, the popularity of parties and barbecues is at an all-time high, with no outdoor event being complete with an esky full of ice. Ice bags (or party ice as it is known in the industry) play an essential role in our much-loved outdoor lifestyle. In fact, one of the most important items on any good host’s checklist is at least one or two bags of good quality, take-home ice.

Perth people like their beer (and champers) served ice cold, which makes travelling with ice bags perfect for parties and get-togethers. Ice is also great to bring on picnics and camping trips, as it keeps food that would otherwise need refrigeration (such as meat and dairy products) cold. To keep perishables extra-cold for longer trips, cool the esky with ice packs ahead of time before adding a bag of ice for the trip.

An esky full of ice is also terrific to bring on trips to the beach, particularly on hot days. Families with younger children benefit greatly from having ice-cold drinks and snacks on hand when the temperature starts to soar. In fact, the durability and portability of ice allows West Australians to travel all over the state, safe in the knowledge they have fresh drinking water at hand should they need it.

Here at Eco Ice, we know what Perth people like. That’s why our beautifully cylindrical all-purpose ice is perfect for chilling food and drinks as well as being safe to add to water, soft drinks and cocktails for consumption. Available in bags of 5kg, 10kg or 15kg, our ice can also be ordered unpackaged for bulk orders, with free delivery available for larger orders. For more information about our ice bags and for orders, contact us at Eco Ice on 1800 953 430.